Sunday, 7 October 2012

Art@41: more ways than one!

Art@41: more ways than one!: ....Autumns really starting to make itself known....leaves are falling off the trees, it's a 'tad colder (as we say in Yorkshire) and of co... more ways than one!

....Autumns really starting to make itself known....leaves are falling off the trees, it's a 'tad colder (as we say in Yorkshire) and of course it's dark by tea time now! It's hard to believe this time last year I was getting ready to go to the Frieze in London.....gutted I can't go this year, but gallery and work commitments have put a halt to any jaunts away for the moment...I remember how it felt like a breath of fresh air walking around the exhibitions and seeing such experimental art and people talking in earnest about what they were seeing and was buzzing and totally packed!

I love the simplicity of this piece by Paul Chan - Volumes  (oil paint on 28 book covers) (I took this last year!) how they take up all the wall, his paint looks like windows within the covers...cleverly chosen pallet and uniform shapes within shapes....however does the title of the books have ulterior meanings I wonder?....I'm curious to know what the Frieze has in store for everyone this year....

I have been busy in my workshop/studio working on proposals for grants etc...(soul destroying sometimes but it has to be done to survive!) and sketching some ideas for new stuff...musing over ideas...
So with no more excuses not to actually do them... I have decided to try out some workshops of my own!....nothing too extravagant, stuff that is both easy'ish to learn, useful and also involves my "make do & mend" sessions start on the 16th October with Basic book making/binding. The 16th is in an afternoon and one on the 25th in the evening... (after listening to requests for both times) To make life easier for everyone I have prepared loads of different papers, gathered lots of "things" & "stuff" that might work well for both the pages and the covers...I've even made some and refrained from using far!...
action shot I didn't even know
had been taken!
drying out after tea!
selection of decorated papers and covers for examples!
...and along with a lovely gift from a friend of unwanted fabric samples...& some of them a really lovely!...I think I have everything I need. I have to admit I am trying to keep in with the neighbours and  I'm buying cakes from Creative cakes by Louize I couldn't resist ordering a selection of her yummy cupcakes for everyone to enjoy whilst watching a brief demonstration of what they will be doing....well, thats the plan anyway!

The new exhibition I have at the moment at "Laine & Co" is really going down well too...

“Of what one shouldn’t speak”
“Of what one shouldn’t speak” Marion Atkinson Solo Art Exhibition... is a solo art exhibition by textile artist Marion Atkinson.
This recent body of work was inspired by a visit to
 China. It looks at the many issues she encountered and explored and subsequently investigated whilst there and upon her return.
The title for her exhibition suggests a secret – things hidden and not spoken of, literally and metaphorically. It’s about secret and loss. It’s about waste and the non-fulfilment of potential.
Atkinson uses waste products and throw-away materials to create her multi-layered pieces
Thursday 4th – Sunday  21 October 2012
Opening times Thurs – Sat 11.30 – 4.30pm Sun 12 – 4pm
for further information see my facebook account
...We've had a great response form visitors so far and some lovely messages of support...

anyway, happy reading and catch up again soonish