Sunday, 3 November 2013

...quietly plodding on!

......long time blog! excuse really apart from I've gotten out of my routine and my Sunday reflective blogs seemed to, as they say "appear lacking some what!"
It's embarrassing to admit that my last blog about my work was mid August!...
(shaking my head in shame!)
...since then I have done two exhibitions and not even mentioned them at all! whats going on?!

Well, as I work full time now I seem to disappear off into my studio on an evening and weekends (especially Sunday mornings!) and guard my creative time ferociously!... thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
I so wanted to be able to work full time.... as an artist! but, sadly needs must & so I am no longer my own boss through the day...hey ho at least the job I do doesn't have homework or overtime and is regular hours and as its in a school I also get holidays and weekends off...the school, staff and kids are good I can't really complain's just when I'm there I think of all the art I could be making in my studio! (don't tell the Headteacher!)
 ...I've been working now for half a term & I've now got into a routine and allocated hours for work v's creativity... so now all I have to do is crack on and stop experimenting...I feel that I never actually have anything to physically show....well....lots of disasters...and I have to confess I'm getting quite good at them too!

But on a positive note
...recent events...
...Staithes Art and Heritage festival...
...was.....fantastic!....both Hubby and I took part alongside another 125'ish artists...the whole event from the organisation to visitors (and lots of customers) even the weather even in our favour...was just superb and thoroughly enjoyable! 
If you don't know about it, the whole event is organised by a voluntary group (hats off to them as it's put together exceptionally well!) we were allocated a holiday cottage to exhibit our work in, the owners also stayed the weekend as they wanted to experience the event too. There were pop-up cafes and the whole place was alive and heaving with activity, the atmosphere was buzzing and everyone seemed in great spirits. Every possible space from holiday cottage to gunnel and snicket  hosted artist venues...
 ...this was the view out of our cottage we were exhibiting in, even that was a piece of art in my eyes!

...and this is where we stayed over the weekend...Guisboro Hall...quite luxurious but it was part of hubby's 50th birthday celebrations....(sometimes needs must!)
sorry to say I didn't really take many photos and we were genuinely busy from 10 - 6pm every day so note to self, make the time to take a few photos of the event next time!
...and also...

I'd been approached by the Yorkshire Post to do an article on my Studio a while ago....they interviewed me not long after it was built...and then I never heard anything! it was strange to be confronted by yourself whilst reading the paper in September!... there was...
......Four artists, four unique perspectives of the sea and everything it beholds.

we, that is me, hubby Kevin Mainprize, Jane Sullivan and Ryan Chadwick have just finished a quick "pop-up" exhibition at Yorkshire Wolds Gallery, it was OK....different clientele and I like the fact that as a gallery it has a cafe tied to it...not for me but for visitors who wouldn't normally visit a gallery but ventured in as it was offering know what I mean!

I managed to read a novel - "Mockingbird" (about a young girl with Aspergers who is looking for closure), enjoy the new Craft magazine - and read about the new "slow art" exhibition that starts at Woodend Gallery on 15th November, do some doodles, make 12 book innards and capture a few ideas in my sketchbook whilst on well as catch up with a friend I hadn't seen for years...sweet!

....and finally...
a bit of de-construction (or destruction!) in the name of creativity!...
from a broken tea chest and a bit of help from my jig saw.... some new lasercut pebbles! (on the right!) the pipeline (so to speak!)
...I'm currently finishing off some work for an exhibition for Hull University called "A graduates tale"thats on over the christmas months... then I'm taking part in the "Not on the high street" art & craft fair nestled nicely at Woodend gallery during the "Slow art" exhibition on Friday evening 29th November & Saturday 30th November through the day...along with the christmas orders that are starting to come no excuse and no time for slacking!

Hope all's good with you all, thanks for reading and hopefully back again a bit sooner next time,