Sunday, 29 April 2012

Art@41: wow... what a week!

Art@41: wow... what a week!: ....there's one thing thats for sure, life's pretty hectic at the moment! ...never a dull moment, and always something to do. The week ...

wow... what a week!

....there's one thing thats for sure, life's pretty hectic at the moment!

...never a dull moment, and always something to do. The week has flown by, the gallery seems to settling into its new role....the weather has dampened some of the possible viewers from calling in....fair weather viewers are welcome when the weather improves!

...The amount of paper work seems to be driving me mad.... music license - happy to buy one, thats why I applied, but they do ask random questions!....on hold for tax office constantly....and now sorting out my utility company who have denied all knowledge of speaking to me but have been kind enough to send me personally three bills!!! 

I have to admit I hit a wall on Saturday, exhausted after a trying week and on the back of the "Silent auction/opening night" I walked around like a zombie.....although I am sure the kids never noticed anything different!

Lecturer Kane Cunningham posing...
Ryan Chadwick getting in on the

It was a really good evening...a lovely mix of guest all
chatting and bidding and catching up...
The drinks were flowing, nibbles nibbled and art was discussed.

By the end of the evening Hubby and I were nieces helped to open the sealed bids and sort into a logical order...

It was great to find that we had sold over 3/4 of the work and raised £639.34 towards our BA final degree show....that will be a real help towards our exhibition brochure and postcards of our work.....and just in case you are the date....Friday 8th June 2012 at Westwood, Yorkshire Coast College, Scarborough.
Thanks to everyone who came and supported the auction, we really appreciate it.

...So down with one exhibition...
 and up goes a temporary one of Hubby's black and white photos....I've had some interest in solo exhibitions and one group one so thats good, and even calls from Blackpool asking to sell their work in the gallery, I do want to keep it a 'tad more local and keep it as much as possible for new and merging artists...The feedback from visitors was really positive, they liked the fact that the art was affordable and that it supported new and unknown artists, which is good to hear.
Hubby mastering the art of the gallery hanging system!

...actually quite like the reflective photo!
....I'm hoping things will settle down for the next 3 weeks as I have sooooooooooo much Uni work to catch up on and thats now at the crisis stage...I've only got 2 pieces finished out of 8 pieces!

so it's all action go, sewing machine isn't going to know whats hit it! and I've really got to stay focused on completing my pieces so I can finish knowing that I have done my best!
I've started clearing out my uni studio space, slowly moving "things" out....honest I gather sooooo much stuff it's untrue!

uni studio space....
I've used the door at my back-o-the gallery studio to try and come to a happy arrangement of my sewing machine drawers, I seem to have settled with this one, so now I'm busy creating the work to go inside them now!
I did laugh when one of Hubby's friends was shocked to hear I was cutting up Harris tweed and Barbour clothes for a piece of art... "such a waste" he said after confessing on spending a fortune on a new tweed jacket....I hope he comes to our final exhibition and understands why I am doing it and how effective they are...
trying out hanging arrangement s for my
sewing machine drawers...
So, as you can see busy and hectic as always ...
anyway, as always, happy reading and I'll blog again soon, bye

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Art@41: silent auction exhibition photos....

Art@41: silent auction exhibition....: just thought I'd share some photos I took of the gallery avoidance!....I've been a tad grumpy today and I feel like I've be...

silent auction exhibition....

just thought I'd share some photos I took of the gallery avoidance!....I've been a tad grumpy today and I feel like I've been rude to fellow students and feel really bad, it's bothered me all day.....the stress is getting to me...aarrggghhhhh I took some photos of the exhibition as I have no idea how to put the auction catalogue onto the blog or website!...
Selection of art in Silent Auction Exhibition
close ups!...
more artwork in Silent Auction Exhibition
....and some more....
"Flash" Kane Cunningham - Lecturer
Mono prints - Andy Black - Lecturer 
Debbie Bell - Lecturer
Steve Whitehead - Lecturer
....the auction finishes on Friday 27th April, short but sweet....hopefully making a bit of money and more importantly showcasing some new and emerging artists in the process.

...I took the opportunity of photographing the gallery...I might point out that I did actually do some work today....just not a lot!...
view of inside Laine & Co from the front window!
view from my workstation!...
('scuse the attractive apron!)

 ...I'm starting to settle into my studio...I've bought some thermal vests and thicker socks...I can't work if I'm cold, it's not like I'm moving about all the time....and I've brought a load more stuff but....I think I may need some shelves putting up soon!

I was also really pleased to hear that one of my fellow students has just started a blog.....Wendy Havelock's art is just beautiful....I have to confess I'm going to bid on a piece of her her, her work is calming and gentile I always feel mellow when I look at her work ....

So if your in the area, call in...after today when I had 6 visitors having a chat and a cuppa, I've realised I might have to buy some more cups!....and some comfy chairs for in the studio

happy reading and maybe see you soon, bye

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Art@41: Laine & Co Art now open for business...

Art@41: Laine & Co Art now open for business...: ...I need to start by apologising for not blogging Sunday evening ramblings have soooooo not been happening... and to be ho...

Laine & Co Art now open for business!

...I need to start by apologising for not blogging Sunday evening ramblings have soooooo not been happening... and to be honest I have missed doing them. They seem to sometimes put things into prospective and when they are there in black and white things somehow seem so much clearer!

so what have I been doing that was so important that I couldn't blog about it....the main reason being that there weren't enough hours in the day!

Uni is hotting up, but thankfully not at frenzy state yet....5 weeks left and counting. The final exhibition is Friday 8th June and I'm quite looking forward to it really....can you tell the panic hasn't set in yet?

...that's because I have been so pre-occupied with opening our compact and bijou art gallery 
"Laine & Co" all happened quite quickly really ....from waiting for a property owned by the council....and still waiting....and still waiting 8 months later....and still waiting....I decided to look at a short term alternative while I continue to wait....within two weeks of finding a small lock up unit 5 shops up on the same street I had agreed terms and had started plans to move in! time like the present...or as some one said "should you not wait until you have finished your degree?...most probably but would it have still been available?... 122 Victoria rd, Scarborough is my new business address looked like this...on the outside and this...
...on the inside...
....oohhh a cellar...a tad damp but
soooo much potential!

sadly the landlord wants to keep the slatted wall a short term let I can cope with that...the ripped metallic lino has seen better days and magnolia walls need a bit of TLC....So my challenge is to freshen up the place.... all achievable with a small budget and a bit of  white paint!

The contract was signed on the 5th April and the hard work began. 
Apparently we had Easter holidays to concentrate on developing our uni work and have a break with the family...
...for two weeks we organised, negotiated, arranged, cleaned, tidied, painted and mended ...
Pj cleaning and painting the kitchen area
all white!

Jane's side!

ladder hogger!

why o why would you want to mop the
 floor mid afternoon...
...because its fun!

my back-o-the-shop studio!

There is no way this venture could have happened with out the love of my family...they are my rock and have mucked in and been there through the whole thing. 
Kevin has worked tirelessly and has been so patient with me...even when I have a mini rant at something that was not even his fault! he makes me laugh and always reminds me that there's more to life, a problem shared ....although they all laughed and showed very little -  (in my eyes know where near enough)  sympathy when I almost chopped off the end of my little still hurts now and I have a scar!

ah....almost moved in and a few
well deserved treats!
temporary sign being put up in hailstone
and rain!....thanks Hun x
 It has always been important to me to have a working and accessible studio at the gallery, the area is big enough to share so Jane, a fellow final year student and friend is going to share the area, communication is key. It saddens me when I hear artists say the only visitors or contact they see is the postman!

carpet down...
starting to put up first exhibition

       Press release….press release…press release…press release…

New art gallery to help promote new and emerging artists opening soon in Scarborough….

"Laine & Co Art Gallery"
122 Victoria Rd, Scarborough, North Yorkshire. YO11 1SL

Opening with…
 “A silent/sealed auction”
… to help final year students studying  BA Fine Art Degree achieve greater awareness  for them & their art and  also raise funds for their final exhibition. …

The first exhibition at the gallery will house a collection of art from students as well as a selection of paintings and prints kindly donated by their lecturers.

The New gallery aims to help promote new and emerging artists by offering opportunities from solo to open exhibitions throughout the year.  The gallery also provides additional studio space for owner Janilaine Mainprize to continue with her art practise.

“The town plays host to some excellent art galleries, this venture aims to provide  a springboard for new and emerging artists.  
Being able to offer artists a platform and opportunities to exhibit, curate and promote themselves at the beginning of their career will serve not only help them realise a dream but also get them on the ladder for greater recognition and success”

Viewing and auction catalogue is available  to view from…
 Thursday 19th April  2012 from 10am
(Also available on line at
 Private preview & grand opening  of the gallery and Auction finale on Friday 27th April 2012

(bids may be placed throughout this period)
All successful bidders will be contacted on Saturday 28th April
(cash or cheque only)
for further details call in or tel: 07825 0470-65

The gallery will be open Thursday to Sunday from 10am – 6pm
(Opening hours will change after graduation in June!)
Artwork and selected gifts are available to view and buy,
Commissions also taken.

For further information please contact Janilaine Mainprize
Tel: 07825 047065 or email

           Press release….press release…press release…press release…

taking shape now...
....and three weeks later ....the doors opened today!.....PHEW! 

that's why I have not been will hopefully level out a bit, well the next few weeks at least
and uni work will take centre stage!

I hope we manage to raise some money from the auction for our degree exhibition, I would love to be able to put the catalogue on my blog, but have absolutely no idea how to do that!

call in and take a peek, have a chat, take a moment and enjoy the atmosphere and the art!

Happy reading....back soon x