Friday, 27 May 2011

fine art degree show 2011, Scarborough North yorkshire

...just a few photos of tonites Fine art degree show in Scarborough north yorkshire. I was blown away by how professional and amazing the work was, really got me worried as this time next year it will be me standing there talking and sharing with everyone!

this years graduates were Yvonne Sanders, Carmen Mills, Nicola Franklin, Stef MItchell, Diann Atkin, Nicola D. Mitchell, Sharon Britton, Lauren L.Ward, Di Malcolmson and Jean Harlow. Most of the artists have websites in their own name so its well worth taking a peek at their work....'s just a few photos of some of the work...have to upload from my other camera for the rest...hope you are as impressed as I was

Diann Atkin
quote from her exhibition blurb...

                 "The crochet hook has become my own personal pencil and it has allowed me to draw and walk my way through my own life"

you can contact Diann at

                      Diann Atkins, simple,really effective and exceptionally clever .

Jean Harlow aims to embed recent discoveries from the field of quantum science and cosmology into her artistic practice.

...only a few photos as the whole exhibition was totally heaving!

Di Malcomson's work was fantastic too...I really loved the use of textiles, yup fancy that! the shredded canvas escaping from the frame worked really well and her brilliant and ingenious use of household paint, nice one Di
 Nichola D. Mitchell's clever collages looked great as she states...."the "puzzle" unfolds where similar shapes and shadows mingle together. A strange beauty emerges from an eclectic mix of objects and images"
....the work was fantastically presented and really looked impressive, well done everyone who worked so hard  we really appreciated the evening and loved seeing everyone.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Scarborough art gallery visit

                              Just a few pictures of what you might see if you visit the art gallery in scarborough...

Daniel Craig

Judy Dench

It was a wonderful day outside and inside the photos just blew me away...!
Simon Annand really captures the spirit of the actors while they are getting into their zone....

‘The Half’ is the theatrical term for the 35 minutes leading to curtain-up in British theatres.  It is a nerve-jangling period of preparation, reflection, concentration and anticipation.  For 25 years photographer Simon Annand has gained privileged back stage access at this most private time; his honest, un-posed portraits  show some of our most famous stars in the raw: Jude Law, Vanessa Redgrave, Anthony Hopkins, Glenn Close, Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Radcliffe and Judi Dench to name but a few.  As our own Stephen Joseph Theatre prepares for the coming season we have invited them to join us in this celebration of Britain’s finest acting talent.  This unique show will be at two venues, Scarborough Art Gallery and The Round Gallery at the Stephen Joseph Theatre"

If you get the chance to go and see the exhibition make sure you have a go and you can even... release your inner thespian, throw on a costume, sit at our make-up table - with full stage make-up, study your reflection and strike a pose.

Daniel Radcliffe

things that go on in the area on the web...

...sad time this week....have finally been given notice to be made redundant! ah well.....just like thousands of others!
... after working for 10 years in the education sector now what?
I've been taking my time and having a good look around both physically and on the web  to see what goes on in the area...I was amazed it's such a hive of activity!

I moved to Scarborough in 1986 and to be honest its embarrassing to realise how little I know about what goes on around the East Coast! here are some interesting links....

who know what this may lead to!
                                    to find new ideas to move forward....

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Pointillism is notably associated as a form of art  in which the use of tiny  dots is used to generate a picture or image. This can be shown in various mediums, monotone, or colour. 

I doodle using dots and often take it that step further and produce images, but only using black ink. I have tried using colour and found the whole experience way , way too difficult. I love the tones that I produce simply by using one colour, mainly black on white.

File:Georges Seurat - Un dimanche après-midi à l'Île de la Grande Jatte v2.jpeg
"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte1884-1886
Georges Seurat 

Pointillism technique is often mentioned within the Neo-impressionism art movement of the 1880's because it was the dominant technique used by artists such as  Georges Seurat. A great example of this was "A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte 

My work is less complete, often just snippets of images although I did re-create my parents barn (before they converted it!) using  pointillism as my main technique.
                                          ...... here it is  plus a few extras...

small section of old barn showing shadow on the wall where cow dung had been built up! nice!

old favourite of parents dogs waiting for the command to go and fetch,
fond memories of Teal, Jess and Misty!

...oh to have such perfect eyebrows!

...this is also an old gem of my husband and his brother from when they were in a band!

...this sample is because I'am thinking of studying pebbles for my last year at Uni, might try some more...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

...first of many...

Kevin's photos Pre-dawn over Jackson's Bay, Scarborough (along the Cleveland way)

An early start this morning, yielded this wonderful photo of limpet's basking in the pre-dawn sunrise.
Inspired by many local landscape photographers, such as Joe Cornish, Chris Ceaser, Peter leeming and Leigh Rebecca I will try to grasp in fine art photography the fantastic delights this amazing coast has to offer.
My intention is to eventually publish a series of  my fine art photographs entitled " When the world belong's to me". Hope you enjoy the composition let me know what you think .....Kevin.

Friday, 20 May 2011

pebbles! always amazes me how pebbles can stay jammed into tiny crevices for weeks and then one day they are just gone! how the force of the waves jam pebbles into the strangest of  places!....

Would loved to have shown some art by Jane Tomlinson but worried about copyright and will look into how to display other artists work without breeching any laws!!! could always go on hew website
and see for yourself!

Liz Harding

Stone journey by Liz Harding

...another artist who has some amazing art-textile work and a really great blog is  Carolyn Saxby her website/blog is..

  you can also see her work at....

this is where I found this print/painting /embroidery by  Liz can find out a bit more about her on the link below...

...will attach some of my paintings and drawings related to pebbles soon...

...even managed to get a centipede in the shot!

Fun at the Luna Park, Scarborough

Some photos I took of the rides on the pier on the Southside of Scarborough, must surely be the smallest funfair to exist and boy do they look like they're stuck in the 70's - true classic! but to me the patterns, shapes and colours are wonderful....

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Art@41: string...

Art@41: string...


goache and string!
this is some work inspired by Eva Hesse.  I totally love the way she uses rope, string etc to get lucid effects. The way she coils, hangs, entwines rope and string into her work. Although I haven't used latex like she does I did get totally engrossed with coiling string. It all stemmed from finding some rope - attached to the buoys! - I coiled it to make a Buoy, it had to be hollow like the buoys so I wrapped it round a round balloon and glued it!, it was one of my favourite sculptural buoys! so the research went on and I came across Hesse. Totally blown away by her art and her story. Although her early work is quite dark her sculptures and sketches are truly wonderful......
by coiling the string off-center gives the illusion of depth and plays on the perception of angles of the object.

The colours a composition are representational of the fishing buoys with the ropes that bind them together visible behind.

ink and string on canvas

....I just loved making these! not only were they therapeutic but also really effective. It gave me time to contemplate life, muse over ideas and all the while coiling and sticking. The simplicity is remarkable, the change in direction of the coil gives new depth and contrast to the spheres...ingenious!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Maidens Garlands aka Sea Garlands!

...tarnished ribbons akin to seaweed are displayed  like the ribbons that reflected friendship on the maidens garlands.
All the markings  are of lost boats  names and numbers  damaged and worn the translucent materials give a glimpse of something....slightly obscure and yet familiar.

sea garlands...

my work has changed dramatically over the last year.....I have a passion for textiles and love incorporating it within my work. Although often frowned upon when the word "craft" is linked with art....I see a connection and enjoy how they can be fused together to create even more interesting art. I still like to use found "things" and work their history and images within the main body of my work. .....

'Sea Garlands'.... 2011

...Originating from finding a couple of  fishing buoys washed up on the shore whilst  out  walking the dog one balmy winters morning, the thought that they were lost, or the boat had capsized really  got me thinking. The buoys were faded, battered and worn possibly ripped away from their previous life, miles from anywhere, eventually tossed up onto the beach. After researching the plight of our local fishing industry,  the lost lives of  local  fishermen and their boats I was further  Inspired by the” Maidens garlands” at Old St Stephens Church, Fylingdales in North Yorkshire where local  fishermen were also  buried. I felt inspired  to create garlands  akin to fishing  buoys as a mark of respect, a tribute to them. Using embroidery rings – readymade -  as my frames -  I embroidered, printed, painted markings,  lost  boat  names and numbers  onto re-cycled materials and  fabrics of varying transparency. Suspending them together, as you often associate with buoys, subtle glimpses and reflections invite the viewer to be able to see through the creations depicting a distant thought, a memory. I feel the composition of everyday items, images, sizes and colours heightens the impact.
black and white photo of Maidens garland, Old St Stephens Church

Embroidery rings encasing mixed media materials.
Machine embroidery name of sank fishing boat
 stretched across and trapped with threads. 

water colour on glass ...a window through to distant memories...
the mirror  gives you a chance to become a part of the installation!

Art@41: Buoys!

Art@41: Buoys!


Sunday, 15 May 2011


trying to add links to my blog is not as easy as I first thought!!! but if at first you don't succeed .....keep blooming' trying!
...ahhh so if you click on the heading "textiles" it brings up the link!!!

Buoys! this is my last body of work all based of a collection of buoys I found.
I love the colours, the shapes, the composition and the way they group together...
I've been experimenting with different materials and mediums to find something I'am comfortable with...
I've thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and feel I'm working towards something both new and different too!
 these sculptures are mainly made from stuff found on the beach...apart from the modrock ...feathers - I wasn't going to use feathers from the dead seagull and surprisingly you cannot buy seagull feathers so I substituted them for white ones!!! not what I wanted really! Anyway they were fun to make and as an installation work quite well!......

Acrylic painting with ink.

close up of acrylic painting

...I've started incorporating textiles into my work along with image transfer.

...and some more!...

This painting/collage was inspired by my husband and his hobby around geology....we often go out with the dog walking and looking for fossils and stuff!

I was intrigued by the way pebbles are stuck, jammed within rocks through the force of the sea, I took a photo of this formation that I saw overtime we were out and about.
I used acrylic, geo magazines, newspaper, image transfer and pebbles!
The problem with thinners and image transfer is that they don't always work!! happy accidents are a risky business!

...overall I was pleased with the piece, and Hubby even impressed with geo maps and images used to make pebbles!

and more work!...

...this piece is based on some rope I found out for a walk with Keah our crazy dog! I used acrylic and transferred images using paint thinners - has a Rauschenberg feel to it!
It's the fist time I had really used Acrylic and thoroughly enjoyed messing about and seeing how painterly I could get. This one is from October 2010...

photos from degree work promised photos from the last two years of my fine art degree!All based on the local environment and in particular the fishing industry!

...this is my Joseph Cornell inspired box. All found items from our beach on the Northside of Scarborough. The box itself is made from some old library card holders!! on there own the finds don't really work but as a collection they all relate to tell a story!

I'll post my statement of intent as an artist later but for now here goes...