Wednesday, 18 May 2011

sea garlands...

my work has changed dramatically over the last year.....I have a passion for textiles and love incorporating it within my work. Although often frowned upon when the word "craft" is linked with art....I see a connection and enjoy how they can be fused together to create even more interesting art. I still like to use found "things" and work their history and images within the main body of my work. .....

'Sea Garlands'.... 2011

...Originating from finding a couple of  fishing buoys washed up on the shore whilst  out  walking the dog one balmy winters morning, the thought that they were lost, or the boat had capsized really  got me thinking. The buoys were faded, battered and worn possibly ripped away from their previous life, miles from anywhere, eventually tossed up onto the beach. After researching the plight of our local fishing industry,  the lost lives of  local  fishermen and their boats I was further  Inspired by the” Maidens garlands” at Old St Stephens Church, Fylingdales in North Yorkshire where local  fishermen were also  buried. I felt inspired  to create garlands  akin to fishing  buoys as a mark of respect, a tribute to them. Using embroidery rings – readymade -  as my frames -  I embroidered, printed, painted markings,  lost  boat  names and numbers  onto re-cycled materials and  fabrics of varying transparency. Suspending them together, as you often associate with buoys, subtle glimpses and reflections invite the viewer to be able to see through the creations depicting a distant thought, a memory. I feel the composition of everyday items, images, sizes and colours heightens the impact.
black and white photo of Maidens garland, Old St Stephens Church

Embroidery rings encasing mixed media materials.
Machine embroidery name of sank fishing boat
 stretched across and trapped with threads. 

water colour on glass ...a window through to distant memories...
the mirror  gives you a chance to become a part of the installation!

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