Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Poseidon's Fury......

Washed out.......
Higher than normal tides due to the new moon, coupled with moderate winds
caused a dramatic North Sea to unleash it's fury.

                                                  Walkways covered with foamy sea water..
                              Heavy Waves pound the concrete  pillars and old swimming pool.

                                          The red balcony highlights the danger poised below.

                                                        Standing firm the " three Amigos".
                                          Sunlight breaks highlighting the waves and walkways.

                                        Relentless pounding of the sea never ceases to amaze me,
                                                Poseidon always put's on a spectacular display.

...thanks for looking, Kevin

Monday, 29 August 2011

...the Art of window displays!...

...yet another busy day with my art, things are really starting to move for me and it's all good at the moment - how refreshing!...
Hubby has finished painting the windows outside to spruce the place up... is that not what you do when you're on holiday?! 
The work has gone into the shop window and thankfully the "Sea Garlands" installation set up just fitted in....

I'm pleased with the overall effect and I have enough work to display for the next 3 months.... watch out for a new display in a months time....just while I sort out a few other ideas!

Thanks for reading, bye

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Carbon printing by David Chalmers

 Carbon printing demonstration by David Chalmers....

After noticing an event at Woodend Gallery I fancied seeing, I mentioned to hubby did he fancy another trip to a gallery, when I mentioned it was a photography demonstration....I knew he'd be even more interested!

We had already seen the photographers work in the gallery recently as there's a local photography exhibition on there at the moment...   http://www.woodendcreative.co.uk/art-gallery.htm  my love of trees drew me immediately to his work, but it wasn't just the choice of subject or the great compositions he captured but  the hauntingly beautiful way he captured them using a large format field camera and then printed them using carbon printing technique.... the process of which what he was demonstrating for free!

I sat glued to the demonstration for half an hour mesmerised by how he made the process looks so easy and how effective the end results could be. The simplicity of the tools needed and the conditions required to work in were all achievable - even to us as mere enthusiasts! The demonstration was not only easy to follow but clear and concise, even the science bit I also generally understood too which is very impressive! 
David Chalmers during his demonstration....
...almost upstaged by his Deardorff  large format field camera!
almost finished ....still very wet... but you get the picture!

Overall.....I'am hooked and I sooooo want to have a go, not only trying a large format camera but also the developing of the image in that style.....I am going to wait 'til I've finished my degree and then see if the photographer is going to run any actual workshops....both Hubby and I are definitely interested.....

.....and at the end of the demonstration David turns to Hubby and says..."it's Kevin...Kevin Mainprize isn't it?!" ....apparently they used to hang around with a group of friends from different schools... you know, friends of friends....so David recognised Kevin from waaaaaaayyyyyy back....what a small world!?

So.... if you ever get the opportunity to see any of David Chalmers work, go as it will be well worth it and if you enjoy Fine art in photography I would recommend you look at his carbon printing images. Take a look at his website and blog below..... 



Thanks for reading, bye

Saturday, 27 August 2011

"Surface Value".....

"Surface Value" Art Exhibition

After a month of work the Exhibition is in full swing....well actually half way through! We had a really good preview night and thankfully we had a lot of support and interest and the atmosphere was really positive and enjoyable......even though the weather was truly miserable it didn't dampen our spirits! 

so what  was the exhibition about?....here's the general outline...

Six Fine Art Degree students are working collaboratively to produce a body of work influenced and inspired by The Royal Auction Rooms.
The starting point of the work culminating in an Exhibition is based on the site itself: its present state, memories of its past, it’s links with the area and the possibility of other worlds that it could represent…..in short the “space” within 14 – 15 Queen Street, Scarborough.

We produce an assorted body of work between us and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! A month is not very long when you have to research, produce, promote and deliver! however, I  think the work showed a true  and varied reflection of the site....

...here's a few photos - ok rather a lot actually! - of the exhibition and preview evening...

oups...caught red handed...just the one!
saturday lunch time and visitors are starting to arrive...

My work...
"Empty" Annette Messager inspired wall hanging in mixed media

really enjoyed layering images, prints and textiles  
mixed media assemblage
I just couldn'r resist putting some of my old suitcases with bits and pieces inside - akin to an auction room
"Faded but not forgotten"
mixed media and acrylic on canvas
"Window thru' time"
mixed media: canvas, sheer materials, image transfer, machine embroidery

oil on canvas
"elements from time"
mixed media assemblage

....and now here's some work from the other exhibiting Artists...

Di Malcomson

Yvonne Sanders

Ryan Chadwick

Carmen's work,  which can also be seen behind Ryan's work was created in response to his moons

Carmen Mills


Jane Sullivan

Images and details used to when researching etc sketchbooks, books and lots of wallpaper!

I had a  great time and really enjoyed working with everyone,  a wonderful mixture of calm and crazy Artists (crazy mainly being Ryan, sorry mate!) and a pleasure to work with. From the advice and kind words from Carmen, Yvonne and Di who have all just finished their Degrees, I thank you. To Jane and Ryan.....good timez!....and now it's homework time as back to uni in two weeks!

To my husband and kids, thanks for being sooooo supportive and understanding, I really appreciate it, especially you all mucking in on Friday night too, the kids look very professional in their black aprons handing out nibbles!
I've learnt a lot about organising an exhibition and the pro's and con's involved. It's been a fantastic learning curve and hopefully it may lead to exhibiting my work in some of the local galleries and maybe some sales too!

...thanks for reading, back soon!