Sunday, 28 August 2011

Carbon printing by David Chalmers

 Carbon printing demonstration by David Chalmers....

After noticing an event at Woodend Gallery I fancied seeing, I mentioned to hubby did he fancy another trip to a gallery, when I mentioned it was a photography demonstration....I knew he'd be even more interested!

We had already seen the photographers work in the gallery recently as there's a local photography exhibition on there at the moment...  my love of trees drew me immediately to his work, but it wasn't just the choice of subject or the great compositions he captured but  the hauntingly beautiful way he captured them using a large format field camera and then printed them using carbon printing technique.... the process of which what he was demonstrating for free!

I sat glued to the demonstration for half an hour mesmerised by how he made the process looks so easy and how effective the end results could be. The simplicity of the tools needed and the conditions required to work in were all achievable - even to us as mere enthusiasts! The demonstration was not only easy to follow but clear and concise, even the science bit I also generally understood too which is very impressive! 
David Chalmers during his demonstration....
...almost upstaged by his Deardorff  large format field camera!
almost finished ....still very wet... but you get the picture!

Overall.....I'am hooked and I sooooo want to have a go, not only trying a large format camera but also the developing of the image in that style.....I am going to wait 'til I've finished my degree and then see if the photographer is going to run any actual workshops....both Hubby and I are definitely interested.....

.....and at the end of the demonstration David turns to Hubby and says..."it's Kevin...Kevin Mainprize isn't it?!" ....apparently they used to hang around with a group of friends from different schools... you know, friends of David recognised Kevin from waaaaaaayyyyyy back....what a small world!?

So.... if you ever get the opportunity to see any of David Chalmers work, go as it will be well worth it and if you enjoy Fine art in photography I would recommend you look at his carbon printing images. Take a look at his website and blog below.....

Thanks for reading, bye

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