Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Art@41: bbbrrrr!....bring out the woolies!

Art@41: bbbrrrr!....bring out the woolies!: the festive season is now upon us....I have to admit I have refused to play christmas music in the gallery....enough's enough...anyon...

bbbrrrr!....bring out the woolies! the festive season is now upon us....I have to admit I have refused to play christmas music in the gallery....enough's enough...anyone who is working in retail shops have been listening to it since mid October!...Hubby reckons I'll be providing a bowl of humbugs for those who call into the gallery....cheeky!

I've still not really got on with any productive art ....but have definitely got the opportunity to do another commission for the hospital.....last one and I am definitely going to use fabric and thread....I'd like to have some materials laser cut and work them alongside some machine embroidery my head they work well but in reality...well only time will tell!....when I've got some samples I'll maybe blog about them.

I have finished making  small bespoke gifts to sell alongside art in the gallery I wont be making anymore, they take loads of time and again its another thing to stop me concentrating on my main focus!....I sold out of the rag rugging kits and most of the small ceramic hearts with embossed vintage lace have also been a hit too! I've love it that people have bought some of the art in the gallery as surprise gifts or that some have come with money they have been given as christmas presents to treat themselves.....
designing process...
making up process....continued!
My daughter was my work experience student for the week commencing 10th December...after choosing between art or bespoke gifts I gave her a project to do and the results were a success, she enjoyed making and also selling too!

...or...Florence, Helena & Henny
The project :
to research bespoke rag dolls and then design one her self, concentrating on a one off original piece. From design, materials, costs and final price and then sales. Her working out was quite interesting and also her realisation that quality and care and attention to detail all too time which in turn adds to the cost!

 Helena the hippy was designed and created by Paige and I loved working with her,  from Helena came Florence who is now sold and also "Henny the little horror!"(short for Henrietta!) who is also sold! I loved the way Paige quickly told everyone she was a "pro" at making "Our little horrors!" and how she loved sourcing the vintage buttons and fabrics to compliment or clash to get the desired end effect!
Helena, Florence and Henny

Making the "Horrors" together showed her (and reminded me!) the importance of communication and team work. And also how sometimes drawing on each others best qualities new ideas and skills can be learnt and built on.
Along with Arthur and Fleur - (who's almost finished) the rag dolls are the product of one weeks work and although it is something I would not have considered making I have been pleasantly surprised by the interest they have attracted, as is Paige. As work experience goes I think it was a success and Paige said she enjoyed herself too!
Arthur...the Dormy blue seal bum!
Some of our little horrors!
I think I'll put the rest of the dolls in the gallery or maybe list them on my website & Folksy account....I just have to get round to it!.

So sorry its been a while since I've blogged, I also had some issues trying to put pictures on my blog, but its all good now!

The gallery's closed for the Christmas week, time for me to spend some quality time with my family and re-charge my batteries, hopefully get out - if the rain stops! and maybe relax and find new inspirations to work with....
I wish you all a lovely festive season and thanks for sharing my experiences over the last year and I look forward to blogging and sharing my experiences with you over the next year.

Happy reading, back soon, bye