Sunday, 15 May 2011

Buoys! this is my last body of work all based of a collection of buoys I found.
I love the colours, the shapes, the composition and the way they group together...
I've been experimenting with different materials and mediums to find something I'am comfortable with...
I've thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and feel I'm working towards something both new and different too!
 these sculptures are mainly made from stuff found on the beach...apart from the modrock ...feathers - I wasn't going to use feathers from the dead seagull and surprisingly you cannot buy seagull feathers so I substituted them for white ones!!! not what I wanted really! Anyway they were fun to make and as an installation work quite well!......

Acrylic painting with ink.

close up of acrylic painting

...I've started incorporating textiles into my work along with image transfer.

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