Thursday, 19 May 2011


goache and string!
this is some work inspired by Eva Hesse.  I totally love the way she uses rope, string etc to get lucid effects. The way she coils, hangs, entwines rope and string into her work. Although I haven't used latex like she does I did get totally engrossed with coiling string. It all stemmed from finding some rope - attached to the buoys! - I coiled it to make a Buoy, it had to be hollow like the buoys so I wrapped it round a round balloon and glued it!, it was one of my favourite sculptural buoys! so the research went on and I came across Hesse. Totally blown away by her art and her story. Although her early work is quite dark her sculptures and sketches are truly wonderful......
by coiling the string off-center gives the illusion of depth and plays on the perception of angles of the object.

The colours a composition are representational of the fishing buoys with the ropes that bind them together visible behind.

ink and string on canvas

....I just loved making these! not only were they therapeutic but also really effective. It gave me time to contemplate life, muse over ideas and all the while coiling and sticking. The simplicity is remarkable, the change in direction of the coil gives new depth and contrast to the spheres...ingenious!

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