Sunday, 6 January 2013

....embroidery & the likes

I've been looking at various artists who incorporate textiles and paper within their work, especially old/vintage remnants entwined within machine embroidery. I remember helping a student who was studying her
GCSE's and we found this group of artists, we looked in particular at Anita Hutchinson and I explained how great it must be to be part of a group like edge - textile artists scotland 
I'm not sure if there's anything like it in North Yorkshire, I can't seem to find anything like it....Group 62 is another really good group I often look at and try to see their work if exhibiting, I love what these groups represent both in terms of group unity, content and commitment too. 

Jane Sullivan - Sledmere exhibition

Yvonne Sanders- Sledmere Exhibition
As part of a group of artists in Scarborough and surrounding areas we meet once a month, Carmen Mills wanted to keep in touch with other like minded artists when she finished her degree and "Art talk" was formed. There are bout 12 active members and a handful of associate members. We have had one exhibition together in 2012 and the group seems to be growing in confidence both in terms of our art and as a group. I love catching up with everyone and finding out what they've been doing and what they are all working on or towards. I find their support as a group so valuable. We met the other day and as a group decided that the name was misleading....yes we meet up and talk, but as a group we feel it's misleading when we are exhibiting! over the next few months we will see what new name evolves. We have also decided to try and exhibit again as a group, so watch this space for more details...

These are some of the samples I have been trying out using machine embroidery and bits of vintage lace and even a bit of old sou'wester I found!
some will have bits of old maps behind them along with other bits of found text.
I've also got some other ideas to try out too.... I'm looking forward to developing these further so I'll keep posting pictures and the likes to keep you up to date.

Anyway, thats my Sunday ramblings for this week and now it's time for a lovely cup of tea and an early night before a new working week begins! back again soon, happy reading.

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