Sunday, 10 July 2011

It's official...Janilaine Mainprize website is now open for business!

...well....after weeks, and what feels like months of tweaking, adding, deleting and generally going stir crazy....we posted my official webpage for all to see!...      or we have never done anything like this before....its definitely been a learning curve to say the least!
I am sure over the next few months things may change....but the initial intention is there.
I feel that although the website is now up and running your comments and feedback would be very much's a 'tad lonely working in cyberspace so I need to keep in touch with reality!

Thanks to all of you who keep a check on my blog...glad you are finding it interesting, keep visiting...

...Many thanks, especially to Kevin (my fab Hubby) and our kids for all their support over the last few weeks....I promise to try and not be soooo grumpy and not to spend hours talking to the computer....well not for a few weeks anyway!

enjoy x

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