Sunday, 12 February 2012

...just a thought!

sorry for not blogging last week.....
...where does the time go?!
I've been busy with lots of different things....home life, uni, the different from any other week but it seems to have taken up lots more time than usual, researching, refining and then re-thinking!

I seem to be feeling a bit more settled with my art....trying to work out a theme that's both interesting visually and intellectually and how best to deliver it....that's taking some planning!....any help would be much appreciated!

Professional studies is now the new buzz word at uni!...although I have actively been exhibiting my work and making plans for the future, I need to remember to write everything down, document what I have been doing and why!

I have become a student ambassador for "a-n magazine" and have found that now also involves giving a talk to all 3 years of our fine art students about what the magazine has to offer and its benefits to us as students!....gulp...... I feel a tongue stuck to the roof of my dry mouth moment coming soon!

My birthday present arrived last much excitement and some it's just a sewing machine to's a creative machine....and it purrrrrs when it's in being used....happy days!

gleaming and new!
Paige made me this lovely little character the other day whilst at Guides....She sits in my studio watching over the chaos and quietly exudes love  and friendship, thanks Paige, I just love her x
gripped by the frenzy of the long over due snow 
we - my hubby and me ( the kids had gone out sledging with their friends!) went to the forestry to enjoy a few hours of quiet beauty....
...thought you might like to see a few of my pics!
how dare someone spoil  the snow!
...however must admit I love the prints!
...great light and shadows 
Hubby leaving his mark!
I just sat looking deep into the forest...
..oh deer!...
Bleak...and yet so beautiful..
it's another busy week ahead, I've managed to change my window display in my empty shop...

This is some of my work from last semester... I'm following the same theme this semester but concentrating solely on the marks found on pebbles....abstracting them and blowing them up to grand scales!

...similar to the piece on the left!

...any way, I'm off now
....back soon....
happy reading, bye

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