Wednesday, 29 February 2012

..mid week mumblings!

OK... so, Sunday has been and gone, lost in thought and desperation as my mojo has taken a leave of absence and I am now at my whits end....and all creative types know....stress doesn't always aide inspiration!

I keep being told my art is on the cusp of craft, I'm not too concerned about this it's just that when the word is mention it is linked with a lip curl and almost a condescending shake of the head....maybe I'm being paranoid but when one lecturer starts talking about W.I cakes and likening my work to them?!.... now I am painting....that's mainly what they encourage!....
...but I find it so hard to do, I love incorporating mixed media and no matter how hard I try I keep adding different methods to my work....I have decided to minimalise my colour pallet and also purely look at an aspect  found on a my journey began from my location, to an object, to a shape and now broken down to one element - a mark! which is fine as that is I suppose where the whole thing started, my scar on my face! 

Ben Nicholson and Susan Hillier have inspired me to try and minimalise my work but in relief, although I haven't used found objects!....I love the simplicity of their work, I now realise tho' to get to that stage takes a lot of thought, elimination and focus.....definitely not an easy process. To successfully simplify something and abstract it from its natural environment is by no means and easy task!

I have taken one mark and carved it out of good old MDF with my new scrolling jigsaw...I am quite happy with the effects so far, just a few more adjustments and the last panel to cut out but....
notice a sneaky snapshot of my new
power tool!
...I even dug out the coping saw!
starting to take shape...

I need to scratch into the surface and paint white

....I start sweating thinking that I will take it in to Uni and they will look at it and shake their heads....I've again used my craft like skills to create another piece of craft....aarrggghhhhh....sleepless fretful nights of different lecturers faces looming into view with Victoria sponges are really not good!

Don't get me wrong,I love what I do...but I worry that my work is not good enough - typical artists trait I know - the mood in the studios is sooooo sombre and almost sad, we are all struggling to produce a body of work that not only represents ourselves and where we are, but also that's good enough to pass our degree....

So life is up and down at the moment....

....happy reading and lets hope we all turn the corner and can see the light at the end of the degree tunnel soonish!....bye

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