Sunday, 19 August 2012

Neutral Density photography....

                                                          Cape mist...85 second exposure.
                                                       Infinite place..75 second exposure.
                                                       Hay wheel's..200 second exposure.
                                                        Tree alone..150 second exposure.

Afternoon....Kevin here! Its been a while its so I thought I'd update you on what I've been doing. Lately I have been changing direction with my photography, I have been working on Neutral density photography. The basic's of ND photography is to keep the shutter speed of the camera open for more than 30 seconds in one exposure using a bulb setting on your camera, the results record any movement. I have also been working on my own website, although still work in progress I have made it live for you to view, along with a page on 500px which also has link to my website.  So if you fancy a look visit...

I've also included a link with my Redbubble page.
 I hope you enjoy the view many thanks Kevin.


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