Monday, 21 January 2013

New work in long last!

It's been a strange old week or so...the weather has decided to grace us with some snow, kids love it ...but I, like most, I hate it when it goes all slushy!

Walking to work every morning has been a challenge... I have found myself following in the footsteps of the local wildlife...however my tracks were neither as delicate or as interesting!

on Monday we went to the Ferens Art Gallery in Hull to see Ten Drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci. In the foyer was a fantastic replica of his famous flying machine, beautifully crafted and great to see up close. 
Armed with magnifying glasses we went round the drawings, his anatomy sketches where to me my favourites. The use of simple inks on paper, beautiful, effective and timeless.
And at long last I have started to feel the urge to create some art!....yay, whoop and phew!
few slight problems tho' at the gallery is Baltic and its been hard to keep warm and sew and draw in the arctic conditions! but things are starting to take shape. I wanted to do a piece to compliment one I did a while ago....using embroidery and laser cut pebbles I wanted to somehow catalogue them whilst reflecting there journey, so...along with a selection of buff Luggage/label tags, maps, text and a variety of materials I have set to work.

silk & denim laser cut

Oh how leather smells when burnt!

I'm sewing all the pebbles onto the tags and then further embroidering and embellishing them.  While deciding on a layout, I've also decided I want to use my old typewriter to add labels and descriptions about the types of pebbles, you know how they do in museums?
Anyway, it seems to be coming on, think I might have to grubby up the tags a bit tho' as they all look a bit too pristine! But the main thing is I'm itching to crack on and develop further.

I've also been given the opportunity to display/promote my art in a restaurant just near the gallery The Green Room has just been re-decorated and my pebbles pieces look great. The food served is amazing, fine dining, great atmosphere and well worth a visit.

I'll post again soon as its getting near to Coastival and thats our next exhibition...
happy reading, keep warm and safe!

back soon!

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