Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Coastival Scarborough...

That's it....Coastival Scarborough exhibition at Laine & Co is up and running....even though Coastival only lasted for the weekend, I have decided to keep the art on display in the hope that more people will get the chance to see some beautiful, uplifting and fresh pieces of art produced mainly by Scarborough based artists - one artist and friend is from Whitby!...
Jane Sullivan & Wendy Havelock
Ruth Miemczyk & Diane Malcomson
Janilaine Mainprize.
.Janilaine Mainprize...me!
Light kindly lent to us by Electrodec 
Ruth Miemczyk
The good news was that the weather for the event was lovely and spring like, Yay!...Saturday was quite busy so much so that we had to wait for afternoon tea and cakes until about 3.30pm! We had lovely feed back from the visitors and quite a few commented that they never knew about the gallery and "shame" that its closing...my, how a year flies by!

It's interesting to see how artists need, use and articulate light within their work. I love the shadows that are created through the use of light both naturally and manmade. Kevin, who predominantly photographs landscape struggled as the light we have recently had has been fairly poor, so he tried his hand at something new...and really enjoyed the challenge too!
Jane, I noticed used a lot of dark, black colours to emphasise light...Wendy's subtle use of light transforms her work giving such depth. Diane looked at reflections and how the light reflects on the water. Ruth's work is fresh, vibrant and captures the essence of beautiful summer days.

So thats how I curated and would describe the art on display, let me know what you think...
Kevin Mainprize 

....so if you get the opportunity to call in over the next few weeks, make sure you say hello....after the 17th March I'll be packing everything up and seeking out pastures new....I'll re-cap on my experience with the "pop-up" gallery over the next few weeks....but while the weathers sunny and fresh its time to start preparing for my new studio...
....obviously with hubby at the helm, leading the way!

Happy reading and back soonish

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