Friday, 8 February 2013

"....into the light"...

Well....there's nothing like random weather to quite literally keep you on your toes!....not only do you have to expect the unexpected but also be prepared for all eventualities!...this flurry of snow appeared just while eating my lunch on Monday!...lets hope my spring bulbs are hardy enough to withstand our rather long lasting cold spell!
I must say I've been enjoying doodling away, very therapeutic and rewarding too!...Hubby bought me some new walking boots so we ventured out along the coast to try them out on Sunday, there had been loads of landslips along the cliffs and it was very wet but it was lovely to get out.

work in progress!

...I couldn't bring myself to damage this old pebble book I found so photocopied the pages onto art paper!

I've just been sorting out some remnants of old maps to work on too.

I'd really like to have a go making some cotton paper, I've never made it before so I'm on the look out for workshops. I love making my own paper but have never used cotton. I know its a similar process but to be honest I'm a bit worried I blow up my blender!
"Making the journey"
I've finished my last (extra) piece of art commissioned for Scarborough General Hospital, I just have to take it to the lovely chap who makes my frames, then I can hand over and install them just in time for the skin specialist who has had to put up with me for 20 years is retiring, thanks to him I'm still around to ramble on!

"Making the journey" is part of a series of art influenced by the pebbles I find when I am out and about. This last one is all about their journey so to speak, the luggage labels don't have an address...their journey isn't mapped out as such. Maps, text and postcards hint at their destination. 
Taken from actual pebbles I have embroidered, teased and laser cut shapes, patterns and added colour and texture. Identification labels create a museum like effect....I have stopped their journey by removing them from the beach... in time I will return them to the beach, 
their journey re-comencing..... 

So along with figuring out what work to put in for my Coastival exhibition I have been pleasantly busy...however as I still haven't finished all or installed my Coastival stuff I won't put pictures on just yet...
...whetting peoples appetite for the exhibition next week!...

...for further details have a look at Coastival and hopefully I might see you at some of the venues soaking up and celebrating art in and around Scarborough.

Hope you have a good weekend, happy reading x

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