Monday, 22 April 2013

ideas and more pebbles!

as promised, some rough ideas to show I have actually been dabbling and creating over the last few weeks!
 attempting with acrylic inks to make realistic pebbles....
 ...not so quite realistic pebbles but I prefer the washed out effect, especially on acetate!
neutral colour scheme experiments....quite liking actually! 
 I've definitely had fun learning the names of the bays along my coast...places I have visited and found a pebble or two...
 ...arranging and re-arranging....considering the juxtaposition of shapes, colours and size etc...before working out pin sizes and the effects of layering and shadows...

I've ran out of sou'wester material so I've been out and about looking to see what I can find....nothing as to Sandsend and then Bridlington over the next few days...maybe some shell fishermen may take pity on me!

anyway, off to try a few more ideas, bye


  1. These are good looking pebbles - have a great time at Sandsend and Brid

  2. Thanks Jennifer....great excuse to wander and explore the local bays...problem is there are so many pebbles!