Sunday, 21 April 2013 of ideas...

...where do my influences come from?... I aware of being similar to other artists? I often wonder if my work is obviously similar to another artist, you know when you have that "ureka" moment and then months later find someone else has done something uncannily similar and you thought you were so original?! While I was doing my degree we had to constantly justify and explain why we were doing what we were doing...and now, out in the open and vulnerable is it still as important or more so? 
Sappho by Jaume Plensa
I see my work change in some ways and in others I hold fast to my ideals of celebrating my findings and re-creating them somehow through my art. But I have as they say ....evolved, adapted and maybe started to find myself. I realise I love shadows! those ephemeral moments, like a hazy memory or echos of a bold thought ...I also find myself abstracting information rather than taking the whole picture, teasing the viewer with hints of what it might be...or is it?

Now I have weekends to visit galleries I am reminded of  how I soaked up the Frieze,  a few years ago, and realised that I might possibly be exhibiting my art in galleries one day and people would be openly discussing my art in the same vain.
Zillah Bell gallery, Thirsk
Over the last few weeks I have been out and about visiting galleries nearby. I am lucky to be exhibiting some of my work at Zillah Bell "Yorkshire Coast - From Saltburn to SpurnPoint" 29th June - 20th July  and I've been experimenting with laser cutting different materials and finishing off some assemblage boxes.
I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the gallery. There was a wonderful wood engraving exhibition on when I was last in and I'm hoping to get over to see the Erin Ward and Jason Hicklin - painting and etchings exhibition which is on until the 4th May. The great news is they are expanding so hopefully there will be even more art to see on my next visit.
Alice Fox
I also went to see an exhibition at Gallery 49 in Bridlington. I've been following the progress of artist Alice Fox and her residency at Spurn Point, so it was great to see her work up close and have the opportunity to chat with her too. I also got to talk to Corrine Young and it was great to discuss interests and....shadows! 
Both galleries have a great schedule of exhibitions happening over the next year and are well worth a visit or two at least...
Caroline Jane Harris
I also managed to see the Aesthetica Art Prize exhibition at York St Mary's, its a fab venue for exhibitions and I love going to see the installations they have on display...I really wanted to see Caroline Jane Harris's intricate paper cut work, they are so detailed and complex and all done by hand!

As you can tell I've been making the most of my new found freedom and have been out and about! Looking at art and what influences the artist, I still marvel at how we react to "things" and then create "something" often unique and sometimes totally unexpected. I love that element of surprise when you enter a gallery and get blown away by a piece of work. It makes me smile and gives me hope to think maybe one day someone will look at my work in the same light!

So, I've been busy experimenting with new pebble marks and images and as yet haven't uploaded any photos so I'll stop rambling and sort some out soon....I have been putting a few on my Janilaine Mainprize Artist facebook page, as I go along!

Hope the feel good factor of sunshine is putting a spring in your step and a renewed approach to your creativity....

...take care, happy reading and back soon 

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