Tuesday, 28 May 2013

...Art@41 has new been re-housed....in the back garden!

...cutting things a bit fine, but sometimes you have to wait & save up... but it has been well worth the wait!

Once ordered, my shed (log cabin) really didn't take  too long to build & be a working studio, thanks to hubby and his friends, even my son joined in helping...
...I was allowed to make tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches and was rewarded by being given tasks such as collecting spare parts from DIY shops!....a ploy to get me out the way, I'm sure!

 ...I'd like to thank all family and friends who have made my new  studio possible..without my lovely hubby and his dedicated and hardworking friends I dont think my studio would be out the packet if it had been left to me!...so proud of you all.

I have to confess I am rubbish at jigsaws!....so hats off to the guys as the instruction manual was...well...interesting to say the least!...

..and I have to confess that although most of the shed is quality wood, the embarrassing excuse of window and door frames made life a bit problemsome, especially for Charlie!... I honestly think I could have made a better attempt and they would have even
been square! 

....so, drum roll please...
Ta dah!
Anyway...thats why I haven't blogged for a few weeks ....all being well the electrics will be done by the end of the week, just in time for Open Studios I really hope you manage to call in and see for yourself how fab  it really is!

now off to work....creativity calls!

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