Monday, 10 June 2013

....and the studio works!....

Its been action stations  since my studio got the electrics completed....I've been in there most evenings until about 10pm...and often there before work in the morning too!....but can you blame me?... its warm, dry, lovely and light...spacious and very comfortable....and at the moment - very clean and tidy too!

I have to confess I haven't moved everything in yet....almost...but I have been told that I have to vacate the spare room of the rest of my "stuff" after NYOS so hubby can have his long awaited room of his own to use as a dark room/studio!
You can just see the two large pictures I completed recently..."moving on" and "on the move" they seemed to be attracting a lot of discussion over the weekend... a rather old tea chest collapsed while packing and, as always, rather than throw it out I have added bits of it to make a 3d pebble collection...even with bits of the see-thru paper lining and foil!....the concept being that pebbles are always on the move! discussions about salvage, burn marks or not burn marks, fragility of the coast, rock formations....I really loved the discussions they raised and look forward to next weekend... NYOS has been a good experience and I would like to apply again next year, but with hubby and his photography too...
 ...on Friday these maybe going to  Zillah Bell for their  "Yorkshire Coast, from Saltburn to Spurn Point" exhibition. 

I've established an area to have as my work station in my studio that has lots of natural light, and all my storage to hand, I can see our home, along the drive - just in case someone comes to visit and also Peasholm Park, well the tree tops and at the moment lots of clear blue sky.... all in all I'm a very happy artist!
mood rail and nick-nack printers tray

I've re-housed my comfy chair and stack of cushions so I can relax and muse over ideas while sitting in comfort!...however I only have one chair so I might have to scout around for another as I don't really like odd numbers!
....I've hung a load of tags inside my vintage laboratory scales thing I love to do is display my hoards, unearth the connections to my findings...I think thats why this recent body of work seems to be taking on an archival quality,  I'm recording my findings, cataloging them and then sending them on their way!

...and finally I've finished a few more pieces, so I've got a week of catching up to do with paper work, odd jobs, and putting hanging rings on some frames....

...I've no excuse to work or tinker about....I've go a few new ideas.... involving porcelain slip and wood...or maybe glass!

hope you've enjoyed watching the journey of my studio build....and now to work! bye

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