Sunday, 23 June 2013

....concept of things....

...I always thought having my own art studio was some-what a, maybe a bit corney but...humming the lyrics by Gabrielle...."dreams do come true"...

I love the space and can't believe hubby was kind enough to build it for, yes I do know how lucky I am. Having time to think about, and the concept behind why artists need studios, I feel that it not only works really well but is also a valuable asset too! 

NYOS was a great success, although it was interesting how many more people came to see me who weren't from Scarborough, which means they came over to Scarborough especially for NYOS and to enjoy the art that we have to offer.....One of my neighbours came and thoroughly enjoyed looking at my work and talking to me about it....she was amazed with what I did and right next door too! she even sent over her daughter, son and their families street really seem interested and supportive and I really appreciate the time they took to all call in and say hi.

Having survived two weekends of the ever changing weather conditions, it didn't really deter too many for the Open Studios,  the hardened campaigners walking through the torrential rain and be quickly dried out with glorious sunshine...we definitely sampled a fair selection of weather combinations! I loved the fact that I shared many a discussion about where we as artists work. There was, I am very pleased to admit, a lot of shed envy! and to all those who asked I got the shed from Garden buildings Direct, based in Nottinghamshire. I'm pleased with most of it, some things were not to my liking but, overall its a good quality building. Sharing stories about their prized sheds always seemed to bring a sparkle to the tellers eye, and now I can see why!

I hope I get the opportunity to join in the event again, hopefully Hubby will join in too this time.

I dropped off my work at Zillah Bell gallery on Tuesday
....I love the atmosphere of the gallery and even had a sneak peek at the new viewing area upstairs, its really impressive and can't wait to take a really good look next Friday at the Private preview evening of "Yorkshire Coast. From Saltburn to Spurn point."
The exhibition starts on Saturday 29th June until 20th July

Open Monday to Saturday, 10 am - 1 pm and 2 - 5 pm
Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays

 Zillah Bell Gallery, 15 Kirkgate, Thirsk, North Yorkshire, YO7 1PQ

....If you manage to get to see the exhibition, let me know what you thought please.

After my last few pieces went on the wall made from bits of old tea chests etc I found myself looking at my work and reflecting on how I seem to enjoy the challenge of incorporating different materials. I spend ages sourcing familiar mediums, figuring out how they can feature within my work, what makes 
their connection and is the concept worth working with, and how then to develop it.

....Another thing came to light on the build up to NYOS....when asked where the pebbles were that I have drawn, I realised I've never said! Once I discover a pebble I like I record where I found it, take a photo,  draw it, investigate its make up etc....almost archival....then either take it back to where I found it (within reason!) or simply take it to my local beach, releasing it to continue its journey. I realised that's where the tags and labels came into going on holiday, or like a museum archiving information, we record or document on luggage labels and tags etc  logging information such as where we are going,...., similar to Chronicles of new destinations & journeys etc...

I'm taking some time to source some new materials for new work...I have some ideas, but need to try them out. I'm also spending time  in my studio to re-visiting books and artists, and unpacking even  more books and, after having stuff packed away for a while....enjoying finding all sorts of hidden treasure I forgot I had!

I forgot to mention we went to this years Fine Art degree show....can't believe this time last year it was me exhibiting there!... anyway....I really enjoyed it and thought I'd post a few of the photos I took so you can see for yourself...
Bridget Askew

Cathy Cassidy

Catherine Bainbridge
Janet White 

Helen Bowes 

Chloƫ Elizabeth Rodwell

There were a lot of 3D, sculptural pieces compared to last year and I really enjoyed walking amongst them all, so varied and unique. These are just a few photos I took of the artists taking part, and yes I did ask permission to take photos for my blog!

...well its eventually stopped raining and the weekend has yet again flown by (again!)
Thanks for reading and back again soon, bye

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