Monday, 22 July 2013


It's been over a month since my last blog....and I haven't really done a great deal creatively....well nothing monumental to show!...
 The preview evening went well at Zillah Bell Gallery and it was lovely to see red spots appearing on pieces of art...non on mine tho!....ah well you never know. It's been curated really well and it all looked great. I met some really lovely people who I'd heard of but never met...and we had a lovely meal at The Fleece too!....

 I've been pottering around in my studio since then not really focused on anything,  enjoying the weather and musing over ideas....beach combing and looking at books and magazines...and making paper, its great that the paper dries out so quickly in this heat!
 I've been out at various local beaches and coves looking for anything that takes my eye...and as always file them away in jars - I like to be able to see my finds! These are from Reighton Sands which lies between Scarborough and Bridlington its a lovely long beach and quite secluded...
...we casually walked to the beach where as some tried alternative transportation methods!

 I also had the chance of making some of my own glass beads last week, It was really good and Gaysiemay was a fab teacher and very patient!...the workshop took place in a retro 70's converted caravan but with all the mod cons needed. I used to stock her beads and jewellery in my gallery and  was just curious as to how they were made...I had the idea of trying to make them look like pebble marks...I was just pleased I managed to make a selection and that they looked like beads...I take my hat off to people who make beads...multi-tasking and the heat!

 you can book workshops with Gay and I know she also runs workshops through Tuffnells...and various locations in North Yorkshire.
A selection of my beads!
anyway...its cooler today ....the impending news of a new royal baby is everywhere and I'm off to try some painting... I have a month off work before I start my new job so might experiment a bit with new or different techniques....I think!

back again soonish....happy summer time

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