Monday, 26 August 2013

...6 weeks of messing! in getting covered on starch, glue, varnish and Avalon! and I still haven't cracked it!...I'm still in awe as to how when I go to exhibitions I see such wonderful textile sculptures that look effortlessly made and hold their shape obediently....yet mine seem to look clumsy, begin to squash and then eventually...'nuff said!

I have managed to produce a couple of cairns but I have't achieved what I set out to do it's still a working progress...I just thought I'd share and maybe get some feedback on what you all think...

As you can see I've had to use a cheeky metal rod to keep them from toppling over, It doesn't have to there but I actually don't mind the man-made support!

I'm determined to make thread and cloth pebbles....I've been researching and experimenting but as yet nothing is holding its shape so they can't join the cairns yet!

I can't believe that I have been faffing about, on & off for almost 6 weeks...trying different techniques and to be honest they look worse now than they did at the beginning!

...I'll preserver and you never know, the penny might just drop...I've revisted  looking at artists such as Do Ho Suh, I saw his work at the Frieze a few years ago and was blown away by it...

...and I also found this artist who uses paper and  string called
nithikul nimkulrat the work reminds me of Juan Plensa but using softer more pliable materials, less harsh...
I have tried to photograph the cairns in their glass domes...but I need some more blackout material...anyway you get the general idea and when I'm happy with everything I'll photograph them properly....but for now...

anyway, its late, I just thought I'd show you what I've been promised!


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