Sunday, 2 February 2014

...and the sun came out...albeit briefly!

...what a lovely sight to see this morning...the sunshine!..
....I know I'm not alone, but I didn't realise how much it effects  my mood and outlook on life, but... to be honest, like a lot of places, the last two months have been sooo dark and miserable in terms of weather January has been and gone in a blurr of indecision's and soul searching!
Living on the east coast, if its not the sound of the rain on the windows that drown out the sounds of the birds - seagulls!...its the roar of the must be loud as we are 5 minutes walk away! Hubby, Kevin  went to Bridlington yesterday and took some photos of the magnificent waves...would you believe these photos were taken within half an hour of each other...ok one is a long exposure (ND) but hey, shows how the tide can turn...and we have been fortunate, after seeing some footage of the waves in Cornwall...these are only small in comparison!

 I eventually delivered my assemblage boxes to Artlink, I was really impressed with the venue, and the people were lovely and really helpful. ...

Preview: Friday 7th February 2014. 6pm - 8pm 
exhibition: 8th February - 15th March

Artlink have brought together some very exciting national artists working in unusual ways to create its very own curiosity shop housed in a cube inside the gallery.
The show will exhibit the works of the following artists, whom are local, regional and national, Claire Moynihan, Michael Kusz, Josie Beszant, Martin Huxter, Jo Smith, Janilaine Mainprize, Danielle Stubbs, Nicky Dillerstone, Anna Bean and SarahPennington. These artists have a wide variety of techniques and skills from feltmaking, photography, metal work, ceramic sculpture, textile art, painting and found object collage.

I'm looking forward to the preview on Friday and meeting up with some of the other artists exhibiting there....

"Under construction" (see below) is based on the plans to save our coastline, the blue plans reflecting our coastline...

There was one other I almost sent but I had some probles with the glass it will have to wait until my next exhibition at you can see, it still needs some work...the letter holding the glass is from 1939
...and it starts ..."I am writing"...the letter was quite sad, someone asking to meet her father, after years of trying...hence why there's a lot of blue...when I'm totally happy with it I'll post some more photos...'s late so I'll sign off now...I'll try and blog again soon, I've got some news on the exhibition front I want to share...its a bit of a random blog, but I really need to get back into my routine of Sunday blogging...
So,  time to read a chapter of "The Peacock Emporium" by Jojo Moyes, a birthday book from hubby before I turn in..
...night ...

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