Saturday, 4 June 2011

back and refreshed!....

....back after a short break away with my family to Lyme Regis.....the choice of accommodation being our snazzy 8 berth , 4 bedroomed tent with built-in-groundsheet as bugs are not welcome! some may call it "Glamping" personally I call it comfort and common sense!

Anyway Lyme Regis was our destination as Kevin loves geology and I like pebbles and the kids enjoy the beach !!! nuff said this area has it all!

...even the street lights have fossil connections, although definitely not that old!

I would like to use pebbles for my theme for my final degree year.... I find out on Wednesday how I have done this last term and also if pebbles are a "go" or whether its back to the fishing buoys for one more year! I took the opportunity to look at different pebbles, or in some cases cobbles as they are known in some regions. The markings on them are just so varied and wonderful, two never the same.

Lyme Regis is the haven for fossil folk and I have never seen so many people... young, old, teenagers and young families all wielding hammers and scouring the beaches and area for fossils....Mary Anning what would you have thought of the sights?

this is the mud (although I thought it looked more like fragile slate) found on the cliffs of Black Ven at Lyme Regis, it came apart like pages in a book! incidentally the beer Black Ven is not too bad but Kev preferred our northern beers better! (I on the other hand am quite partial to the cider "rattler" brewed down there!)

A small selection of fossils, they were absolutely everywhere of all sizes and to show some relation to size heres one next to Connor's head and it was of average size!!!

The fossil below, an ammonite, would have measured  if whole approx a meter wide!!! of pebbles and rust to follow, 
...but must feed the freezer and wash and iron....a week of camping takes its toll on the household appliances on return!!

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