Wednesday, 8 June 2011

hectic week so far...

Hey's been a hectic week so far! I foolishly thought that life would be a bit more chilled when uni for this year came to a wrong was I!!!

since returning from our little jaunt to Lyme Regis it seems to be non stop and go, go, go!
On sunday we went to see Elton John....not my most all time favourite of artists, he is a legend and he was playing at Scarborough Open Air Thertre which is almost at the bottom of our why not!
He played for 2.5 hours solid just him and his piano....must admit he was excellent and still really knows how to pack a tune!...

not the best photo but the keyboards look good on his glasses!

Thankfully it was a lovely evening so hopefully he will recommend the place to his fellow music buddies!

So after that I have been to get advice about starting my own business, really helpful actually and managed to get a few freebies to help me on my way! I can't believe I was encouraged to start using "Twitter" have set it all up but not really sure if its me as such....but will persevere and continue. I would like to put the app on to my blog but have no idea how!!!

I've even started to design my own website....I am sure it will change over the next few months but all being well it will go live by the weekend so watch this space!

I also got my results for the last semester at uni....whoop thankfully I passed averaging a good 2:1, so next year If I really pull out all the stops I am aiming for a first!...I feel there maybe a few tears and tantrums but it will soooooo be worth it. I think and hope everyone else in our year passed ok too which is good as its a really good group and we all seem to get on ok.

....So after some discussions with my tutors its all steam ahead and I think I will base my dissertation around the use of textiles within fine art and  also how  history can effect the creative outcome of a piece of work....well something to do with those issues. ..........and for my studio practice I am going to base a lot of my work on pebbles, their shape, markings, history - concerns about coastal erosion....using and incorporating textiles and mixed media!'s some photos that I particularly like from last week....

...I just love the markings on them....and then theres these!...

...and theres more...
...just as a thought...I find it really hard to move the images I select on the page  so if you sometimes think they look randomly placed thats why!!! so as you can see I have loads to start with! its research, sketch and apparently look in depth at more artists....oh happy holidays!

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