Saturday, 25 June 2011

poppy's and wheat..........and the cow!

poppy's and wheat...........
This picture was the result of an afternoon out along the Yorkshire wolds on a walk called "Centurion way", but there is a story behind it!....
As I was walking along, stopping periodically to take photographs, I was following the paths but at one point I had to cross a field,  unbeknown to me it was full of very curious cows! As I started to cross the field out of the corner of my eye I spotted them as they suddenly took an interest in me!, of course it had nothing to do with the bright red t-shirt I was wearing!  the cows started to trot then canter then one particular cow set off towards me running flat out.... I was about 25m from my exit and at the point of no return, so I started running towards the exit but the tons of beef were gaining on me . Running at top speed I would have beaten the 100m sprint champion, so with my  trusty camera on my tripod in my left hand, and my lunch  (sushi that day by the way!) in the other hand  plus with  my heavy camera bag backpack on I vaulted the gate using only my finger tips to grasp the gate,  I cleared it diving better than a premiership football player, I landed on my backside but the camera was fine and this fantastic photograph was taken..........but  with the dreaded knowledge I had to return the same way later!!

The Menacing type of cow in question in mono, looks sweet but don't be fooled...............very dangerous
and certainly runs fast,...............but not as fast as me!

Kevin....lives to tell another tale! ....(to be continued!)

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  1. Fantastic Shot, and Story, looking at the picture, and the ominous Dark gathering Clouds, plus the Blood red poppies has a sense of something's going to happen. Vanitas Photography!?