Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ropes and nets close up!....

....It was a lovely day on Sunday, so on the doctor's orders I went out for a walk and arranged to meet Richard, the organiser of "Seafest" event happening in Scarborough on the weekend of the 16th & 17th July where I will be exhibiting some of my maritime influenced work.

Total scorcher....
and along the Southside there was even a VW rally they all looked fab and I even managed to see spiderman driving one!

 I took the opportunity of looking up close at some of the things on the marina that we take for granted....the details make them look like a piece of abstract art...

These rubber riggs - often recycled tyres look great against the netting 

... coiled, twisted, knotted ropes of all thicknesses some colourful and nylon some deteriorating, rotting and gnarled with age... 

I took this photo looking through a porthole and as I walked away saw a security guard - very smart I may add! - heading towards me....I smiled and he shook his head and wagged his finger...on closer inspection the boat was foreign and quite impressive....smiling again I said sorry and wandered off....oups!
inside of a lobster pot, a maze of nets....looks more like an assault course!

I was trying to look for some new inspiration for some work over the summer and the ropes looked amazing, the different techniques used to create them and their uses.
Anyway, an hour in the sun and heat was enough for me! so I popped down to see a friend launch their new dinghy along the marina - now that takes patience! and then wandered back home. 
Studio clear out is much needed before I can attempt to do any more work!

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