Monday, 22 August 2011

Heathers in Full Bloom...

Couldn't  resist sharing these beautiful images of the heather in full bloom 
 reflecting in the lovely summers evening sun on the North Yorkshire Moors... 

                                                       Heathers and Grasses on the moors.
                                               An old sheep track cuts through the heathers.

                                           The light catches the edges of the heathers defining
                                the sheep track, while the grasses display shades of green and gold.

     I hope you  enjoy viewing these wonderful images of what nature
provides for us for free and is just on our doorstep too!
 Next time you are bored or just need to get out....
take a look around or if you fancy a change go for a walk around theYorkshire Moors and Jurassic Coast line to see whats on may be pleasantly surprised as to what you may see and find!
 Thanks for looking, Kevin

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