Friday, 19 August 2011

Rust x 4!

ok.... I promised to put my last rust picture on my blog a few weeks ago.....time has just flown by and to be honest, sorry I did forget! to make up for not delivering the image I have taken the liberty of presenting all four images together....
These will be on display for purchase in the near future!....I'll let you know more about that in September!?....anyway


final piece...collaged canvas using ink,  acrylic, machine embroidery, embossing powders

Collaged oil on canvas

collage using:
 selection of sheer fabrics, tyvek,  machine embroidery, inks, heat gun, soldering iron

Oil on canvas these will be the last rust pictures I do for a while as its almost time to go back to Uni and I'm working on mark making within  found in pebbles I have found along my local coast line! ....

I'll pop some photos up next week to let you see how the exhibition goes


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