Sunday, 18 September 2011

...and so it begins!

oh... for a dogs life....zzzzzzzz

Another week has flown by and I still have so much to do!...unless you are like our pooch who basically wanders, eats and sleeps...what a life!

Were back at Uni' new studio spaces but same room....It all looks very empty and clean, give it a few weeks and that will soon change!

Hubby's gone off to his Joe Cornish Photography workshop ....a birthday present from us, I can't believe how nervous he was, you'd have thought he was going to be tested not go there to learn!....

I've started on some of my pebble project, albeit just a tiny bit as I am going to concentrate on my dissertation mainly this If anyone has any tips or interesting stuff that I can research around "textiles within fine art" its acceptance or lack of let me know please.

My excuse for building these is I was  looking at shapes and colours....Andy Goldsworthy is a well known land artist who looks at  the environment for both inspiration and materials. Not as complex by far but it was just a lovely sunny day and we must have built about 10 different stacks of rough, smooth, one colour, gradients of colour, balancing tricks! we even dragged some massive rocks down to the shore line and built a spiral - akin to Stonehenge, and then waited for the tide to come in and knock it down!!!
So how to pass the time away on a sunny day with a pebble or two!

obviously I do realise that these are not all pebbles!
My "V&A" beach project
 if you want to find out more about this project...

How pebbles can leave there mark....
even fleetingly!
there's loads of rocks like this on the Northside
of Scarborough - not a pebble I know
But love the marks and map like affects!

...and my collection of pebbles just keeps on growing!
This larger grey one is still my favourite, the map-like, layered lines criss-crossing over the pebble....mmm!
Quick watercolour sketch
sample:  pebble photos machine embroidered onto calico
... and then torn off! highlighted with watercolour 
close up!
Anyway....thats it for the moment, happy reading....bye

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