Sunday, 11 September 2011

Thats it the holidays are now over!

So ...thats it the summer holidays are over, the kids have all gone back to school or college, hubbies back at work and University begins in earnest on Tuesday!

I took this week off....supposedly! read and do some long overdue housework...I even remember - somewhere in my distant memory - saying that I would decorate the lounge too! ....oups! so what did I end up doing? I did do some housework and I have almost finished read Annette Messager's "The messengers" book and making notes. In it it states that "Articulation" is the key to Messager's praxis", I can see that especially through her hanging assemblages, snippets of faces and words all connected or joined somehow and artistically arranged and hung.

One quote I really value is...
"If you don't believe that art and magic go together, you don't believe in art" true, an artist can make us even see and feel things that aren't even there!

...anyway after tidying my bombsite of a studio I've also started my project on pebbles....(images to follow) I've just started my research into the life of a pebble so to speak, it's size, structure, colour, shape, history etc its all actually very scientific and I am really only interested in the basics! I love the individual patterns....their DNA and maybe how they managed to washed up onto our shore....

....but....tragedy has happened! in offering to alter a friends curtains my sewing machine became well and truly jammed ...aaarrggghhhh eating the curtains and ripping a hole in them....the machine actually swallowed the curtains just where you can see the hem and I couldn't even hide the hole!!! so I had to buy a new pair of curtains to replace them and machine is still poorly!!!
To be honest when I started to take the machine  carefully apart the amount of fibres and dirt that came out was a 'tad embarrassing, hessian and canvas by the hand full!
...Note to self....look after my equipment and clean on a regular basis!

We - that is me and my University colleagues had a day out at Whitby to catch up and "do lunch"It was a really lovely day, no stress and the weather was kind for once!....I just love the quirky shops and little alleyways...I never really took any photos so I've pinched some of Hubbies that he took of Whitby earlier this summer!...

I've also become a member of a new group of Artists based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Helen Birmingham of The Studio Gallery has been the brains behind organising it and the response seems to be going really well. Hopefully it will bring like-minded creative people together who can share good practice, support and possibly organise events together.  If you click on the link you'll find out about her and her work and of course the Scarborough Artists too!

Happy reading, bye

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