Sunday, 25 September 2011

Time management...

...time management!....easier said than done!

However I must admit as I no longer work in a school I find I am sleeping very well but maybe thats because my days are so full of things I want to do and its for me to decide what  or when I want to do things!

I managed to decorate most of the front room while hubby was away, one thing almost ticked off my list of the many to do things!!!

I have to try and separate my days now: Family, Dissertation, studio, Self employed art! I have also found that I need time to network and oh if I'm well behaved a bit of me time too!

I'm gathering information for my dissertation and have been advised to put everything into lists of groups and look at the connections - post-it city! ...
...and this is just some of my studio work for this week...

An idea taken from  pebble marks, acrylic with
 OS Map of Scarborough highlighting main  surface mark
recycled tubes painted with acrylic influenced by pebble marks
OS map inserted of Yorkshire coastline...
I just need another 50'ish rings to get desired effect!
I've also finished an assemblage box that was influenced by my last exhibition.....the noise from the seagulls was constant, I hear them at home but not all the time, so I made a little something to remind me of them!...
Struggled with the reflection when photographing,
 but you get the general idea!
Inside of the box
Old map of Scarborough, seagull photos, card, sand, feathers
pebbles and shells
...and last of all, this little chap made me late for Uni on Friday....At first I wondered what the noise was, then eventually I found out the surrogate tree for our local woodpecker...sad times when they have to use telephone poles!

Anyway, happy reading, bye...

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