Wednesday, 28 September 2011

"Eatme Space" Micro gallery, Hanover Road, Scarborough

"Eatme Space"
Micro Gallery
I Just had to mention the new compact and bijou micro gallery that has opened on
 Hanover Road, Scarborough...
Its ran by the Chaps who own "Eat me" cafe opposite.....
 ...although the venue is small,  it shares the same colour pallet as their cafe, 
and has been wonderfully accessorised with a touch of retro!...
...there's even some of Martin's artwork on display too.

I've been allowed to exhibit some of my assemblage boxes alongside...

 ..."A postcard from Scarborough"
 by Andrea Willis
lets hope people are interested in my work and you never know I might even sell some or get some commissions!  

Theres a new exhibition starting next weekend so keep watching "Eatme - space" on Hanover Road

Happy reading, bye

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