Sunday, 2 October 2011

mixed....just like the weather!

what.....I can't believe another weeks gone by, sooooo much has happened but not quite yet finalised and it's putting my art into perspective, what I want to do and how I want to do it!

... my week has been full of mixed emotions as to what to do! where to go next with my studio practice, my bloomin' dissertation....aarrrgghhhh and what to do in the future. it was a lovely escape to be invited to an Exhibition preview night at Scarborough Art Gallery on Friday night - "Landscape revisited" with Joe Cornish (the photographer whose workshop my hubby went on recently)  and Kane Cunningham (one of my lecturers) curated by Jan Bee Brown.

I really enjoyed not only the company there but also the art on show. I am familiar with both artists and there work but when you see it first hand and on such a scale it takes it to another level. Kane's work to me is always energetic and I was pleasantly surprised to see such attention to detail within his work and the fact that he worked "plein air"and on such a scale really impressed me! I was really taken by Joe's photo over looking Teeside - my home town, the clarity and depth of his photos is just fantastic.....
below is the blurb presented by the gallery...
Landscape Revisited - Joe Cornish and Kane Cunningham
The landscape of Yorkshire has always inspired artists, whether it’s the stunning familiar contours of Roseberry Topping or the controversial contemporary slant of Knipe Point, photographer Joe Cornish and artist Kane Cunningham continue this tradition. This year they will be working with curator Jan Bee Brown to revisit the fabulous collection of landscape paintings held in store. Inspired by the work of Paul Marny, H. B. Carter, Atkinson Grimshaw and Ivon Hitchens, Kane and Joe will explore the context, tradition and future of landscape painting and photography in very different ways.
Joe Cornish - Staithes by moonlight
Joe Cornish
 Working at specific locations both will ‘stalk’ an image; Joe waits for the perfect moment when light, colour and composition simply ‘sing’, whilst Kane challenges the landscape to take him on a visual flight of the imagination. Working individually and collaboratively to push their work in fresh directions they will be our visual correspondents on the ground, responding swiftly as time and tide change our coastline. As we invite politicians, geologists, walkers and visual artists to tell us how the landscape inspires them, come along, join the debate and enjoy a breath of fresh air.
Kane Cunningham
Kane Cunningham
If you need or would like to see further details...

Take a moment out of your busy life and visit the gallery to not only enjoy but marvel in a memorable and beautiful joint exhibition, you definitely wont regret it!

happy reading, bye

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