Sunday, 28 July 2013

Therapeutic blogging result...

After blogging and writing down my frustrations, I sat down and re-read my you do!

...the sun was shining, chores - (to a certain extent) were done for the day and I had time to reflect and relax....and a rummage around.... and time on my own....and "Southbay by the lighthouse" was finally completed. 
perfect fit for a beach find!
 It's main piece was from when I recently went on a school trip to the beach, Southbay. As soon as we arrived we were wandering along the beach...the kids all chattering away and adults trying to stop the kids from eating their food as soon as they arrived! and there right in front of me was this beautiful piece of rusted metal...It did cause alot of laughter and amusement from the kids when I showed them my treasure and how it fitted perfectly in my bag..."why do you want a piece of old metal?" I was asked...."I told you she was a bit crazy!" said another student, but they all gathered round and had a guess as to where it might have come from..."a fishing boat", "the harbour", "the pirate ship that goes out with tourists around the mom says its falling apart!"...
A lighthouse view
The kids had time to play, learn about
lifeguard skills and  go out in the sea.
boundaries were set for safety!
We literally drew a boundary line in the sand just so they knew how far they could wander - hence the partly caged in section, they were then able to play freely and securely...

Our location was just  next to the lifeboat station facing the lighthouse....the ramps to the sea were worn smooth, old and dark and a great place to get shelter from the sandy wind!  there was lifeguard lessons, hot steamy cups of weak tea for the staff in styrofoam cups and sand sandwiches for lunch!...much fun was had and we even found a few small pieces of sea glass too....time flew by and it was soon home time...and so that is the story of ...

 "Southbay by the lighthouse"

 A therapeutic blogging result!...'til next time....bye

P.S: the quote in the bottle is...
"life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself" by George Bernard Shaw

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