Monday, 25 July 2011

Rough with the Smooth...........

Test driving the new boots!...

My first chance to get out with camera  in a I seized the moment this weekend and tried some mono long exposure shots of the rough seas around Scarborough....
Sea defences at the Marine Drive, Scarborough with rough seas advancing...charge!
White wash.
Sea covering the steps ....and it's not even high tide yet!

Up, up, up and over!        

Setting off for an early start, leaving everybody else in bed...ok so its the weekend and most sensible people are in bed at 5.00am! ... I wondered down to the  Marine Drive. Janilaine had bought me some new walking boots so feeling confident I decided to put them to the test...I started  clambering over the rocks to get  a good position perching on the rocks to see the local sea defences.
I set  my tripod and camera up battling with the wind to try and capture the power, size and speed of the waves coming towards me. 

Feeling quite nervous but knowing Janilaine has my life insurance at maximum payout!...and praying to multiple Gods at the same time I put the camera to work.  I stayed on the rocky bed for as long as possible but the tide was coming in very quickly so it wasn't long before I had to make a sharp exit  left...especially when a pounding wave crashed a little too close for comfort! Setting off to a safer area, with smell of bacon sandwiches and coffee in the air from the local cafe, I moved to the steps leading down to the beach. The steps have very smooth concrete from years of crashing waves, which had a good covering of green algae which is notorious for being slippery..... however thanks to my new trusty boots not for me!... The tide had come in quite away in a very short time but it was still rough so with the water crashing up and over the steps I started to get covered in sea spray....time for just a few more  photos before being finally enticed by the aroma of bacon butties and coffee!!
.........cheers kev.

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