Wednesday, 3 August 2011

"Surface value".....

"Surface Value"'s been busy fairly at the moment, which is a good thing really. Making the decision to become a  self employed Artist was a huge leap for me and my family....not only do I have to make work I also have to sell it!!!! (oh and study too!)

August is going to be a busy month I feel...I and a group of past and present Fine Art Degree students are working on an exhibition called "Surface Value". With the help of  Crescent Arts  who have kindly allowed us to use the building "Royal Auction Rooms" - which is a vacant building currently up for sale!....we are working collaboratively to hopefully produce a varied body of work influenced and inspired by the site itself.

The main scope of the exhibition is based on the past, present and possible future of the building, what we as the viewer see now, memories of its past,  it's links with the area and the other worlds that it could represent.....the effects of the  "space"  within 14-15 Queen Street, Scarborough.

...why paint the light switch?! dead pigeon and plenty of cobwebs!
The Exhibition will be open to the public the last weekend of August Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th 10am - 4pm where people will be able to view our creative response to our findings and time shared in the building.

...I think the wallpaper will be my main visual source

...Kath Kidston would be impressed with some of the wallpaper....layered and no doubt in it's time fashionable!

Must be honest I think thats the way forward for me I just have to figure out how to make something of it all!....easy! theres plenty to keep me busy, I'll keep you posted and hopefully see you at the exhibition!


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