Thursday, 11 August 2011


another busy week and I must say I think the weather has been a tad busier!....which is a tad annoying as not only does my garden now resembles a jungle, I can't risk putting my washing out to dry.....
... but the most annoying thing is that I want to use some thinners to do some fabric transfers... I usually work outside to do this as it truly stinks and is not good for your health! and every time I try to set it up it rains!  aaaarrrgggghhhh so the process has been very slow with my new piece of work to say the least!

working on the history for our new exhibition has been to say the least a hard slog, nothing really written in stone, but never the less it has been interesting, some locals say the building was a brothel, in the 1940's it was a boarding house so whether the clientele were of that way who knows or maybe it was  that a bird dealer  traded from there in the late 1930's maybe that's the connection to not only the brothel
but also the zoo!!?? the mind boggles really!

                                                                 ...  Catherine Nash
I did find another artist who inspired me when creating my assemblage  piece, along with Joseph Cornell I've been  looking at Catherine Nash....
...this is just a small selection of her work that I looked at

Contained Within

© Catherine Nash "Spiral"
Book are containers of concepts, of knowledge and experience, of human imagination:  in the hands of an artist, the book can explore an integrated connection between idea, structure, and visual movement.  I regard my sculptural artist books to be intimate containers of an idea meant to be experienced in a progression of time.  In my artwork, figurative elements, including eyes and hands and landscape elements such as branches, roots and new growth are timeless metaphors that can be “read”  allegorically in many ways,  a “language” of personal symbols distilled from years of sketchbooks and used to evoke emotive ideas as visual poetry.

Dark to LightCoptic bound abaca, hemp, flax & black denim HMPapers, encaustic monotype, black stone, tornado splintered oak, marble, old knot found on the beach. 15.5 X 4.5 X 2 in.
Dark to light

I just love the choice of everyday object she uses, very natural and earthy and very organised. Her use of compartments and its effectiveness I am looking at pebbles next and this has really inspired me to work with them in a variety of ways, I love it when an artist excites you and triggers new ideas into grabbing a sketch book and frantically scribbling ideas down!
you can see much more and find out about her work on her website

Dark to Lightdetail
detail of dark to light
nothing niente nadaOpen view

nothing niente nada

you can see much more and find out about her work on her website
I made an assemblage so to speak of the Auction rooms, thought you might like a sneak peak before it goes on exhibition on 26th August...

...I'am off to battle with the rain and fumes of thinners!!! mask and poncho at the ready!!!

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